The Dry Bulk Liner logistics technology application trend of domestic container

Container dry bags have realized door-to-door transportation from factory storage tanks to user storage tanks. The service is to pave the container dry bags inside the container to ensure that the goods are free of pollution and dust during transportation. The use of dry material bags can ensure the good quality of the goods under fully sealed handling operations and strict operation monitoring.

Flexitank transport leading international trade new revolution

The use of container liquid bags is a revolution in the field of international trade. It is more efficient and safer in the transportation process. Container liquid bags are a new type of container capable of storing and transporting chemicals of various non-hazardous liquids. What we mentioned today is the original wine bags with a maximum volume of about 25,000 litres, which can be placed in 20-foot containers.

Application field of Flexitank

Flexitank is a new kind of container which can store and transport all kinds of non-dangerous liquid chemicals. Today we are talking about the original wine bag with a maximum volume of about 25,000 litres, which can be placed in a container just 20 feet high.

Flexitank application case

Nantong Laibao Cereal Protein Co., Ltd. imported 480 tons of container oil imported from the United Arab Emirates as a delivery vehicle, and has been shipped to the company warehouse to start unloading. Use this carrier to ship edible oil at Nantong Port...